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About Us

We are tired of websites that talk about their mission statements, goals, community relations, etc. Instead we listed some of the most popular questions people ask us about our company.

How many people work at TBAW Porn Reviews?
TBAW Porn Reviews is a new company (right now only 1 person me) that entered into the Porn Website Review business in October of 2012. As the website gets bigger I hope to add a few more people to the company.

Why did you start this website?
After many years of frustration and aggravation searching for porn on the internet I decided (with my little website design knowledge) to design a website that is easy to use and has all the information people need when searching for porn. I want to help other people like me that just want to find some good quality porn without 1000s of pop-up windows, endless links to porn you donít want and malware/viruses that attack your computer.

What makes you different from the other review websites?
Like all porn review sites we have categories, reviews and searches, but we take pride in how our information is organized. We created categories within our straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, web cams and adult personals sections to help people find exactly what type of porn they are looking for. The layout for our website review page is neatly organized and easy to understand. We didnít want to overload people with too much information or too long of a written review, but at the same time we wanted to provide you with the most important information possible. Letís face it, everyone is busy, you donít have much time and you want to see which porn websites are the best for you.

Why donít you have as many reviews as other review websites?
The website is in its early stages of development, but not to worry more website reviews will be added over the coming months and the database will begin to get bigger.

How qualified are you to review porn sites?
I have been in the adult business for over 10 years now. My jobs in this industry ranged from casting director, website support, website content writer, producer, model agent and marketing manager (just to name a few). After seeing and working with 1000s of websites I know the Pros and Cons of each. I thought I would use my knowledge in this industry to help people who are searching for porn.

Are your reviews about sites honest?
Yes. We have nothing to gain by saying one website is good if it is not true. If anything we have more to lose. We know how the internet works. If people feel that we are not being truthful about our reviews we know that our reputation is on the line. With a bad reputation in this business you will not last long since people will no longer trust you.

How do you market yourself?
Right now we are hoping to expand by word of mouth and through search engines. As the company grows we will explore other means of advertising. We are always open to discussing new business oportunites so go ahead and contact us.

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