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Frequently Asked Questions
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These are some of the most frequently asked questions along with answers.
If we were not able to answer your question here please contact us.

How can I cancel my membership to a pay site?
TBAW Porn Reviews (www.tbawpornreviews.com) does not bill users. We are only an informational website that provides reviews about independently run pay sites. Our company does not have a merchant or billing account to process credit cards.

This being said most pay sites are very easy to cancel and we can help point you in the right direction.

Most pay sites use a 3rd party billing processor company such as CC Bill or Epoch. These types of companies handle the billing process from beginning to end. The pay site that you got your membership from should have a link to a cancel page in order to assist you. You should look for a “cancel membership” page or “customer support” page. Most of these billing companies even let you search on their website for your membership if you cannot remember every detail about your purchase.

If the pay site you signed up for does not use a 3rd party billing processor company, then you will need to find the page in the cancelation page in the pay site. Usually in the members area there is a “cancel” link. If not you should try looking on the “Support”, “FAQs” or even the “Terms and Conditions” pages. If you still cannot find it try looking for a contact email address so you can email the company directly.

Important tips when signing up to a pay site:
1. Write down the name and domain name (www……) of the site(s) you signed up for.
2. Write down the name of the billing company name and any confirmation ids.
3. Write down your username and password.
4. Figure out the date you must cancel by to avoid any recurring charges.
5. Keep all emails - Registering confirmation emails, billing emails, support emails, etc.

These are some of the important tips you should remember when signing up for a pay site so it won’t give you a headache in the end when you want to cancel.

If you feel that a company is trying to rip you off please contact us so that we can investigate it.

List of 3rd Party Billing Companies

I signed up for a pay site and I am having problems with it. What should I do?
The most common problem we see is that a person cannot log-in to a pay site after signing up. With smaller sites sometimes it can take a few hours for the username/password to register in their database (bigger companies it is almost instantly). In any case, if you are having problems with the site you should contact their support or webmaster. Some sites have 24/7 help but with most sites they will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

If you have tried contacting the site a few times and have receive no response contact us and we will try to help you out.

What websites will you review?
We will review any adult or porn website that fits our website requirements.

The types of sites we currently list include:
1. Membership Pay Sites - Commercial adult websites that charge for access.
2. Site Networks - Group of pay sites that is accessible with a single membership.
3. Private Cam Sites - Web cam services with models that get paid for shows.
4. PPM/VOD Sites - Pay Per Minute and Video on Demand websites.
5. AVS/AEN Services - Group of pay sites that is accessible with a single membership.

The types of sites we
DO NOT list include:
1. Free Sites - If you do not charge for access to your site we will not review it.

Basic requirements:
1. Tour and member’s area must be hosted on their own domain name.
2. We will not review multiple websites that link to the same member’s area.
3. We will not review websites with too many surfer traps (including pop-ups).

Can I request a site for you to review?
Sure you can! Just contact us and tell us the name of the site you want reviewed and we will try and review it as soon as possible.

What is your criteria for rating a site?
Please see the following page for more information.
Website Review Criteria

Where can I find definitions of the terms used on your site?
Please see the following page for a list of defined terms.

If we were not able to answer your question please contact us.
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